Saturday, July 07, 2007

People are always asking, did I know about Tyler Durden.

Since my Lasik surgery, watching television and reading have been a little uncomfortable. Not to worry, Nico has been filling in as a book on tape. Not really on tape, but you get the idea. Now that I think about it, I really should have been recording her...though she does not do voices very well...or at least not as I would do them, had I ever the occasion to read an entire novel aloud. With Nico narrating, everybody comes off sounding a little too animated. But I digress. She just finished reading Survivor to me. Chuck Palahniuk is quite brilliant if you have the stomach for him.'s almost fun to say.


Nicole Lasko said...

My students love how I read. They beg for me to read. They say that they understand everything better when I read.

And I toned it down a LOT for Michael. Hence no voices. Maybe I will only read for people who appreciate me in the future.

Any suggestions for the next book?

Tate said...

I read Haunted and Choke. Both skeeved me out. But that's the only reason I read Palahniuk in the first place.

Annually I attempt to read Sarah the Harry Potter book o' the year, but after we finish the first chapter she only lasts about five minutes per night - and she always forgets what was going on so I end up starting each night a little earlier in the book. After two weeks I just read the whole damn thing myself.

(We did make it through book three together - and I do a kickass Dobby.)

Michael Lasko said...

Tate, you have moved slightly ahead of Nico.